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It all started innocently enough, shooting a gig at the Brighton arts club, it just so happened to be the brilliantly anarchic Late Road Lunatics Reunion, so there was support all the way from Hemel Hempstead. Trevor Dilks was there, a life long supporter of all things artful and musical, and business colleague of the Lunatics guitarist and sound wizard, Andy Coupar. Between them they run the 4 A.M CIC up in Hemel. 4 A.M is an amazing hub to learn social and life skills through music and the arts, it is open for special needs folks and for the kids who have fallen by the wayside, the ones that are often shunned and ignored these days.
I knew Trevor from Facebook and his history of friendship with the band, but we had never met. I introduced myself, he knew immediately who I was and hit me with a wall of praise and enthusiasm for my work that I am still recovering from! Within five minutes Trevor had me reeling with information regarding getting my work out there into the masses, “call me” he said, “let’s talk”.
It has been two weeks and after the most intensive and inspiring phone call of my life, I am knee deep in funding information and grants, NBV guides, yearbooks for artists, and a great sense of excitement and trepidation. Of course I am not stopping at getting my work out there, of course not! No, with inspiration from 4 A.M, that being Trevor and Andy, I am creating a workshop and studio of my own devices. The workshop will be open for kids who have no access to the arts. this will be a creative a hub where we can paint, learn photography, draw, socialize and talk about art. It will be a positive place to come, it will nurture their talents and be a place of empowerment, focus and development. We will have amazing guests coming to teach, I already have the energizing Julia Elmore from Gratitude Daily wanting to come down and the fabulous Chloe Hopson, director of The Passport Project in Cleveland Ohio wanting to come all the way from the States! The plan for study sessions is already in development and I have an idea for opening the doors to the public quarterly , their time time spent with me and my colleagues will lead up to these openings. in due course maybe there could be music lessons too but for right now I think I am on the right track with this, Trevor seems to think so! So, funding, the fabulous arts council and the myriad of fundraisers and grant foundations, they will all be hearing from me, I expect I shall start a crowdfunder shortly too. like I said…it all started innocently enough.

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  1. Brilliant.
    You’ll be meeting kids whose art is largely Comic based/inspired..I’m your comics guy.
    Oh and count on us when the crowd funding starts..
    Great stuff!
    We Rise.

  2. All great things do start innocently, and easily too if you’re open enough for them. Nice one Bern, I foresee great things. x

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