So there goes summer

DSCF4451a Ahhh remember this? it seems so long ago now. Yes, it’s cooler…getting colder, the nights are drawing in rapidly, after years in Florida I am no fan of the cold but I will be out there shooting, out on the sea front looking for the right time, the right light, I will be there! Actually it is a good time of year, less people around, I feel like I can shoot the bones of the place, get closer to its soul.

This past month has been a slew of ups and downs and at this point I would much rather look at the “ups” and share those with you.  With the demise of all the work with Blue shed comes hope with the very enthusiastic and amazing EQS Ltd, a textile and quilting supply house in the UK.  When a blanket (no pun intended) email was sent out asking for information on how to get my work onto material, they immediately came back with enthusiasm and help. It just so happens that the owners are heading over to America to talk with clients and suppliers and now because they liked my more abstract pictures, are taking my work over there to show them too, amazing! It may not come to anything but it is another door opening, a glimmer of hope and that is what fuels us.

Naked Eye gallery here in Hove is a very successful gallery, prominent, most certainly one of the great galleries in East Sussex, so I am excited to let you know that there will be a solo exhibition of mine for the new year.  To coincide with the show will be a crowdfunder to help get this rolling, I cant do it without you, it wont be much, but it is more than I can carry on my own, news and info about that shortly, there will be gifts for donations, I promise!!

So with that I am embarking on some new photo projects including shooting with welding glass!!!  This will be a test of patience but should be interesting, the effects of which will feature heavily in the exhibit in February along with some more familiar pieces too.

A great find this month was The Vault in Brighton, a great imaging company I can trust, check them out at

Please take a look at my Artfinder page at and at  Christmas is around the corner, yes I said it, the “C” word!!!!  Art…original art is a beautiful gift.



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