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“Wet Feet” comes to a close this week at The Naked Eye gallery in Hove however it seems like it is just the beginning.  Lia and David have become firm friends and I have become their first artist in residence.  The logistics to put this all together has been mind boggling, and along with the learning curve, trials and tribulations, frustrations, thrills, doubts and breakthrough moments it has been an extraordinary experience too.  The pictures here show a little of the journey from decisions on pictures, getting the nightmare of an order of frames together, setting up the gallery and the opening night (it was sooo cold).  It really has brought people together the rally to get the funds was amazing and i could not have done it without a tight group of friends and extended family.  It was quite the surprise to see who contributed and more surpising to see who didnt, go fig!

This weekend we break down and move to a smaller venue, that being The Garden cafe in St Anne’s wells gardens in Hove, it is a special place serving the best coffee in town (in my opinion), but more importantly for me it has enormous foot traffic there.  My book “The wet feet primer” will be on sale along with a selection of photographs framed or otherwise.

There is an interesting review of the exhibit

Thank to everyone who made this possible, the contributors, the ones who believed, the amazing folks who braved it on a freezing cold night to come to the Opener, those who purchase my work, the retweeters…I could go on!!!  THANK YOU!!!!


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