Hello. I am Bernard J Webb, a photographer who loves the challenge of capturing people in portraits that reveal more than initially meets the eye. I am also drawn to historical places and spaces, particularly those weathered by age and the elements. Indeed, reflecting the shapes and textures found in landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and the skies, natural or surreal, calm or chaotic, is what I do.

The photos on this site may vary dramatically, but they reflect the span of my current direction. And I do much more, with a solid grounding in specialised areas including architecture and studio portraiture.

Because I shoot for what is real, I strive to capture images that require little or no post-shot editing. Still, a full complement of the latest software is on hand to ensure creative flexibility and optimum results.

I have always been creative. And while the camera is my instrument, my other enduring passion is music, particularly drumming. Photographing major pro players is something I enjoy, so the opportunity to consider commissions for band shoots and concert photography is always welcome.

True, photography is an art. But the world around us is the real art. And I’m a photographer intent on capturing as much of that world as I can.

Introducing my book…The Wet Feet Primer

Image of The Wet Feet Primer cover

A collection of dramatic and emotive photographs of Brighton and Hove. Spread out through the course of a year, the newly transplanted artist and photographer takes on the weather and rough seas (…sometimes) to document his time in a new town.

Buy a copy of the book at Blurb.com


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